this was really a look tho


this was really a look tho


sometimes i feel
as if i am not here,

i am always
away with myself,

absent, f.gabdon (via thegabdonwrites)


Hey, if a trans woman says she doesn’t like being called something, instead of talking about how you call everyone it, how about you apologize and don’t call her it again?


don’t use uteruses as symbol for feminism ok

here’s why:

  • you’re excluding trans women
  • you’re including some trans men
  • you’re excluding cis women who may not have a uterus because they’ve lost it because of or to avoid #cancer 

stop doing this it’s so gross


The oppression of Muslim women does NOT lie within the religion or the culture. It lies within patriarchy and its an issue of men oppressing women. Men are the perpetrators of the oppression of women in the middle east, not religion.